Versa Foam Foaming agent for air drilling


Versa-Foam is an ultra high-yielding, biodegradable, liquid foaming agent for use in dry air rotary drilling or mixed with fresh or salt water for foam rotary drilling.


  • Mixes easily in fresh or salt water
  • Provide a technique for drilling in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Improves the hole-cleaning capability of the air stream and enhances the rate of cuttings removal
  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure and increases the lifting of large volumes of water
  • Counteracts the sticking tendencies of wet clays, thereby eliminating mud rings and wall packing
  • Reduces the erosion of poorly consolidated formations
  • Provides a technique for drilling in zones with lost circulation
  • Increases borehole stability
  • Lubricates and cools the bit, improving penetration rate
  • Reduces the air-volume requirement
  • Suppresses dust during air drilling operation



  • High quality, high expansion foam with a consistency similar to shaving foam
  • High stability with long half-life (retention time)
  • Readily undergoes primary and ultimate (>99%) biodegradation
  • Versatile and compatible with various types of make-up water
  • Reduces the potential for bit balling
  • Fast and efficient mixing in fresh and salt water



Versa Foam

 % by

Mixing / Injection Procedure


Foam Drilling


System 0.01 - 1%

Add Versa-Foam  to the injection water and inject into the air stream at a rate necessary to maintain hole stability and penetration rate. Increase amount of Versa-Foam  as required to compensate for size of cuttings and down hole dilution.



Versa Foam is packaged in 25 litre plastic drums or in 195 litre plastic drums